The foundation does not aim to make a profit.

Expenditure of financial resources, including making them available to third parties, takes place exclusively within the social objective of the foundation or for the benefit of a public benefit institution with a similar objective or of a foreign institution that exclusively or almost exclusively serves the public benefit.
The foundation's assets are made up of (annuity) donations. In addition, the foundation can receive dividend on the (depositary receipts for) shares it holds. However, the board of the foundation has no influence on these (future) payments.
Furthermore, the foundation's assets can be formed by other donations, legacies and subsidies.


For donations please contact Nicole de Bruijn at


M.K. van den Berge, LLM - Chairman
N.R. de Bruijn - Secretary
J.I. Büttner - Treasurer
H. de Ridder, Prof. dr. eng.
H. Peters, eng.
H. van Praag



The Vital Foundation is officially ANBI certified. This means that the foundation is recognized as a public benefit organization by the tax authorities in The Netherlands. Gifts and donations are therefore tax deductible.

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